Relieve tension and unwind with our selection of 25, 50, or 80-minute massages. Therapies range from the traditional to exotic, each massage completely relaxing.


Aquae Signature Sampler Massage
Customize this massage to fit your specific needs. Choose from a variety of modalities: Deep Tissue, Swedish, Desert Stone, Reflexology, Scalp, Foot or Aromatherapy.
50/80/110 minutes – $175/$225/$305
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Aquae Signature Holistic Massage
This unique experience seduces the senses. Skin is gently polished before steamed fragrant linen bundles, filled with marine salt crystals and lavender buds, delivering warmth throughout the body. Inhale their hypnotic perfumes as the sachets are pressed onto aching muscles and energy meridians. The massage movements are combined with stretching to unwind areas of tension and restore balance to the entire body.
80 minutes – $205
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Shirodhara Ritual
Surrender to the hypnotic effects of this ancient Ayurvedic treatment to relieve tension, anxiety and stress. After selecting your choice of aromatherapy oil, you will go through deep breathing techniques to calm your senses followed by a neck and shoulder massage. Warm oil will then gently cascade onto the forehead, your third eye, and a scalp massage will be performed. This blissful journey will conclude with a full body massage.
80 minutes – $235
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A full-body massage with light to medium pressure for the relief of general tension. Long gliding strokes and kneading techniques improve circulation and reduce stress.
50/80 minutes – $140/$190

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Deep Tissue
Firm pressure applied to specific areas of stress and tension helping to relax and rejuvenate the body. Great relief for tired and tight muscles.
50/80 minutes – $165/$215
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Aroma Journey
Mental, physical and emotional enrichment is often achieved in experiencing a variety of aromas. A scent journey awaits you.

50/80 minutes – $150/$200
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Desert Stone Therapy
The use of heated stones massaged into sore and tired muscles creates a sense of well being, comfort, and healing.
50/80 minutes – $155/$205
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Foot Massage
Gives immediate long-lasting relief to tired, swollen feet. The perfect companion for those who are always on the go.
25 minutes – $85
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Sports Massage
Applied skillfully, this is the most effective therapy for restoring balance to overused muscles during exercise. Athletes can receive specially tailored massages based on athletic activity and subsequent areas of muscle tension.
50/80 minutes – $165/$215
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Pregnancy massaging can help safely relieve discomfort using proper support and a nurturing touch. Massage is permitted after first trimester.
50/80 minutes – $145/$195
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Neck, Back and Shoulder
High tension areas are given special attention helping to relieve pain, increase circulation, and reduce stress.
25 minutes – $85
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Scalp Massage
Warm exotic nut oils are massaged gently into the scalp and neck restoring balance and leaving hair shiny and healthy. A perfect complement to any massage.
25 minutes – $85
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Couples Massage Therapies

Couples Aquae Signature Massage
Design the perfect treatment for two. Choose from a variety of modalities; Deep Tissue, Swedish, Desert Stone, Scalp, Foot and Aromatherapy.
50/80/110 minutes $370/$470/$630
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Couples Massage
Celebrate the art of love with your partner while enjoying a relaxing side by side in one of our private couples’ rooms.
50/80 minutes – $300/$400

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Couples Desert Stone Therapy
Warm stones leave you and your loved one feeling relieved of tension and stress, while transporting yourselves into romantic bliss.
50/80 minutes – $330/$430
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Massage Enhancements

To further enhance your spa experience, ask your spa therapists to add any of the services below to your treatment.

A Jojoba and Pumice exfoliation smooths and softens dry rough feet.

Take your massage to the next level with a bouquet of aromas specially picked by you.

Kick it up a notch with rm pressure applied to specific areas of stress and tension. The perfect relief for tired and tight muscles.

Anti-aging mask that will replenish, nourish, and hydrate the eyes or lips for a younger-looking appearance.

Imagine a tropical escape while you receive a warm, ultra-hydrating scalp and hair treatment.

A cooling menthol gel is applied to sore, tired muscles to help decrease pain and relieve tension.

Unwind into bliss with the addition of heated stones which create a sense of well-being, comfort and healing