Relieve tension and unwind with our selection of massages. Therapies range from the traditional to exotic, each massage completely relaxing.

Couple's Massage is on the table at Spa Aquae.


Relieve tension and unwind with our selection of 50, 80 or 100 minute massages. Treatment pricing is reflected in USD and varies based on peak vs. non-peak times.


Classic massage featuring long, light strokes for the ultimate relaxation experience. Diminishes tension and helps manage pain and stress.

50 minutes starting from 170
80 minutes starting from 260
100 minutes starting from 340

Deep Tissue

Targeting the deeper layers of the muscles, this massage features slower, focused strokes that help break up knots, ease movement, and relieve muscle tension.

50 minutes starting from 190
80 minutes starting from 290
100 minutes starting from 360

Cupping Therapy

Cupping is a restorative negative pressure therapy that allows space for the muscle fibers to relax, promoting healing and reducing inflammation. As the therapist moves the cups along the body, it feels like a massage from the inside out. Excellent for athletes as a recovery treatment or anyone that experiences chronic pain.

Your therapist may briefly park the cups if they feel extra tightness or knots in a specific area to release that tension. You may see cup marks or “cup kisses” after your massage. These cup kisses typically go away on their own within a few days.

50 minutes starting from 215
80 minutes starting from 315
100 minutes starting from 385


Recharge with our aromatic ritual designed to bring balance to both the mind and body. Carefully applied spinal pressure and foot reflexes are seamlessly blended together with an infusion of beautifully appointed oils. Your therapist will help you choose the blend that matches your intention.

50 minutes starting from 180
80 minutes starting from 280
100 minutes starting from 350

Desert Stone

Melt away tension with our grounding warm stone massage that also can help reduce inflammation and improve sleep.

80 minutes starting from 270


A bundle of joy is always cause for celebration! Retreat into a moment just for you to nurture the body and bring relief from changes that might cause discomfort during this special time. For mothers in their second and third trimesters.

50 minutes starting from 170
80 minutes starting from 260

CBD Journey to Remember

Unwind your mind and drift into a state of profound peace with this immersive CBD experience. The journey includes a custom full body CBD massage, infused with arnica and ginger. Steamy hot towels cleanse your feet while a penetrating menthol and eucalyptus CBD foot treatment soothes and hydrates. To complete your journey, fall into bliss with a chamomile and rose CBD facial massage.

80 minutes starting from 320
100 minutes starting from 390


To further enhance your spa experience, ask your spa therapists to add any of the services below to your treatment.

Restorative Enhancements

Aroma Blend Bar 10

Invigorating Foot Scrub 20

Warm Stones 20

Percussive Muscle Recovery 30

Luxurious Gemstone Enhancments

Gemstone Collagen Eye 30

Gemstone Collagen Face 50